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EPC 200

The EPC 200 is a state-of-the-art and advanced standalone particle counter for the emission test e.g., in the course of the periodical technical inspection of cars and trucks. (PTI)

EPC 200 Particle counter device

The new device works on the measuring principle “Diffusion Charger”, this brings the great advantage that no consumables are needed, which makes the handling of the device very easy and flexible. It is developed and designed to fulfil the technical requirements for the known PTI markets like Germany, but it is also ready and suitable for a possible European wide legislation. The EPC 200 has a very robust, yet handy design to ensure maximum reliability and flexibility in conducting measurements even in all-day operation. Our already 30 years of experience in the development and production of exhaust gas measuring instruments could be ideally incorporated here.

Product advantages

Future proof and reliable technology: Usable for diesel and gasoline engines.

Stand-alone device: Can be used independently of existing exhaust gas measuring devices.

Cost effective operation: No consumables needed, minimal maintenance effort.

Sophisticated design: Robust for everyday workshop use, transportable, simple operation.

Integrated display: Device status can be checked up at any time.

Intuitive measuring procedure and fully automatic device self-test.

Can be ideally combined and integrated with the EnviroClean EES 400 station: 4-gas, opacimeter and particle counter share a common user interface.

Background for this new technology

Modern diesel engines which are equipped with particluate filter aftertreatment systems require a new test method and measuring principle in order to check their proper particle emission output. New emission legislations for the periodical emission test are introduced. The measuring principle of “particle counting” defines the amount of (ultrafine) particles in a certain space volume (cm³) This way of measuring has a very high accuracy but fortunately the handling of the new EPC 200 is very easy and makes the emission test for diesel vehicles even more convenient as the previous test method because due to it’s high accuracy the test can be performed at low engine speed (engine idle speed)

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Technical Data

Measuring Range
5.000 – 10.000.000 #/cm³
Particle Size
23 – 200 nm
1 #/cm³
10.000 #/cm³
Warm up time
approx. 5 min.
USB, Bluetooth
Dimension (WxHxD)
470 x 325 x 270 mm
approx. 9 kg


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