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We offer a range of products to fit your organizations needs.

Gas analyzers

SGA 40 image

SGA 40

the classic

SGA 40 is the latest version of the popular Gas Analyzer SGA 40 which has been produced in several thousands units since 1994.

SGA 400 image

SGA 400

the modern solution

The success with the SGA 40 series continues with the new SGA 400. Many of the SGA 40 key features are kept, they just worked too well to change. Other features are new to further improve the measurements and handling.

Diesel analyzers

SST 100 image

SST 100

diesel smoke

A diesel smoke analyzer for professional car and truck workshops as well as Vehicle Inspection programs.

SSA 50 Compact image

SSA 50 Compact

simply diesel

A state-of-the-art, professional light absorption partial flow opacimeter for emission test of diesel vehicles.

SSA 50 Portable image

SSA 50 Portable

the portable

Specially designed for use where the analyzer must be easily transported such as road side vehicle inspections or part of a police vehicle’s test equipment.


OBD+ diagnostic tool image

OBD+ diagnostic tool

OBD scan tool

The EnviroClean OBD+ is a handheld diagnostic instrument easily operated with four buttons.