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SSA 50 Portable

The SSA 50 Portable is a state-of-the-art, professional light absorption partial flow opacimeter for emission test of diesel vehicles.

Specially designed for intensive use and single person operation, such as vehicle inspection or professional workshops. The vehicle test time is less than 3 minutes. The SSA 50 Portable model is designed for use where the analyzer must be easily transported such as road side vehicle inspection or part of a police vehicle test equipment.

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Includes two test modes: continuous gas sampling – full load/part load and free acceleration measurement.

Can be equipped with different RPM and Oil temperature options.

Optionally the main unit can communicate with the smoke unit with Bluetooth-

Portable design

The flexible design with a small separate smoke head makes it easy to use on all sizes of vehicles such as cars, trucks, busses and others.

The SSA 50 complies to ISO 11614 and 72/306/EEC.

12 months warranty

0 – 99.9%
0 – 16.06 m⁻¹
0.01 m⁻¹
0 – 9999 r/m
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