December 20, 2023

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New EU Vehicle Data Regulations: Enviroclean’s Innovative EOBD Scanner

As of May 20, 2023, the European Union is introducing new regulations that enable member countries to collect data on fuel and electricity consumption during vehicle inspections. Regulation (2021/392) aims to obtain detailed information about the operation of vehicles and monitor their environmental impact.

The regulations specify detailed provisions regarding the transfer of data from real-world driving by inspection bodies to relevant authorities, such as the European Environment Agency (EEA). This regulation applies specifically to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3500 kg, first registered from January 1, 2021.

Did you know that the EOBD scanner from Enviroclean is not only fast and easy to use but also complies with the safety standards for the transmission of consumption data during vehicle inspections? With its built-in OBFCM function and Bluetooth connectivity, Enviroclean’s EOBD scanner enables seamless collection and transmission of essential data. The reading cycle is approximately 30 seconds, depending on the respective legislation and country requirements. No annual subscription is required.

“Our technology goes beyond European borders,” says Boris Manger, Business Development Manager at Enviroclean. “We can customize our EOBD scanner to operate effectively in other countries and under different legislations. This allows vehicle inspection authorities to meet the new requirements and streamline the vehicle testing process.”

Using the Enviroclean EOBD scanner is easy. After connecting, it only takes 2–3 button presses before the read data is transferred to the recipient Enviroclean is committed to providing innovative solutions that not only meet legal requirements but also enhance the convenience and efficiency for vehicle owners and workshops.

For further information about Enviroclean’s sustainable commitment and the significance of OBFCM according to EU directives, please contact:

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